Friday, 27 May 2011

"Just Go With It!"

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now, and drifted between the thoughts of "Yeah, it'll be worth it" and "If my friends or anybody who knows me ever read it, I will be...scundered" but I have finally manned the shit up and decided I shall start this shenanigans. Starting is one thing, continuing is a completely different matter I'm more than aware, and for somebody who groans and moans when his mother asks him to do the simplest of tasks, boy it's going to be a challenge! But hey, we'll see what happens.

I am currently mid-exams, mid-revision and mid-losing the bloody will to live. God I hate this time of year, but as grim as study leave is, I will say this. The lie ins are extraordinary, it really is sheer bliss staying sprawled out underneath your bed's duvet for 3784 hours. Then again, you know that whenever your average wake up time (more like average actually getting out of bed after being awake for an hour time) is 1.13 p.m. you are one lazy son of a bitch.

Anyway, one exam has been done, three to go sadly. History Paper 2 is Tuesday 31st May, with a worrying 16 day break before Dickhead Literature, oh sorry - English Literature on 16th June, before finishing on the 22nd June with a Theatre Studies repeat. (I know, should have worked harder the first time, woops!) You may wonder why I chose the word "worrying", but if you aren't one of the people wondering and you know fine rightly that for me, that break could mean doing sweet fuck all for a fortnight, before shitting one self and realizing that I can't sleep for 48 hours whilst cramming like a mad man, then you are right on the button! (Only kidding Grandma!)

It is oh so typical that during the exam period, I have encountered addictions/distractions plenty. (Yeah, cheers you stupid blogging website! But seriously, can I get my time back if I fail my exams?) Who do I email about such matters?) Twitter is leading the race for "Who can destroy Robbie's chances of getting into University first?", and it actually slightly surprises me. I don't even know what Twitter has, or maybe doesn't have, but it so very annoyingly keeps me clicking back onto it. It does though have two close rivals in creeping on Facebook and watching live Chinese pensioners wrestle (naked) for the winner's medal. Close in second place for the attempt to make me fail my A-Levels is the flipping Eclipse Cinema in Downpatrick! I have seen something stupid like 4 films which are currently out, which is actually quite a waste of money (especially when you are a hardcore "Full Moon" purchaser - stuffing your face with a large sweet popcorn on every visit, accompanied with a giant full fat Coca-Cola too) and time, considering that each movie was probably 2 hours. The movies that have been graced with my presence are "Scre4m", "Insidious", "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" - and actually all were pretty good, Pirates of the Caribbean being the fav. of the 3. Then of course "The Hangover Part II" which I saw last night on the first day of it's glorious showing. It really was worrying me "en route" to the cinema, that it would disappoint and simply not live up to the epic name the first movie gained for itself. Well holy god damn. I was proved to be silly for ever thinking such mildly insane things, as it was just as good as the first, and there were just as many lines which displayed humour in its greatest form! The plot was great, and Alan I can safely say was doubly as funny! My favourite line would have to be - "When a monkey nibbles on a penis, it's funny in every language!", but there were a number I remember for making the whole screen roar into laughter. I would recommend everybody to go and see this movie.

It is true though that I will have to brave these inferior distractions, and come out of this a stronger, wiser young male. I will have to push these things to one side, and get knee deep, no not that, knee deep in revision! So who knows if there ever will be another blog? Who knows will I survive the tedious, long, draining days of constant debate between Twitter or United Irishmen? Who knows will Robbie Dagher ever be seen again? Only fooling, I will check in later bitches. Who am I kidding... nobody will even read this silly excuse of a blog.

What I do know though is, on the 27th May 2011, at thirty six minutes past eleven at night, I may have just started another addiction/distraction. GOD DAMN IT!

Laters, R.