Thursday, 30 June 2011


A week into my Summer, and I am so chuffed to be off at last. Due to painfully starting my exams first and then being one of the last to finish, the feeling of relief that overwhelmed me to begin with and which is still within me, was and is fantastic. It's actually pretty funny.. I'd be sitting enjoying the wonderful tennis that is on show at Wimbledon at the moment, and then I'd get a feeling inside me. It took a while to realise but this feeling is actually guilt.. a feeling that I got ever so used to whenever I avoided revision from the middle of may until last week. But then I remember I am finished all exams, and off for summer. FUCK YES.

As I sit and type this entry, I look outside and notice the rain falling from the dark clouds and think, "Pfft, some weather for summer". I do hope that this improves.. drastically. Hail stones in summer just doesn't do it for me. Shocker.

Anyway, probably what I have been doing most in my first week off for summer is watching Wimbledon. I have actually been glued to it, I seriously do watch pretty much every single match. But hey, I love sport and I love tennis.

Today saw the definite biggest upset thus far in the competition, with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beating the 16 time grand-slam and 6 time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer in a five set thriller. This was the first time Federer has lost in a grand-slam tournament from winning by two sets to zero. I was cheering and chanting for Jo throughout the match, as I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the under-dog beating the great champion. I feel it was great for the tournament, and it obviously gives Murray a better shot at it. In fairness though, Roger went out gracefully, and took losing like a man, which I have lots of respect for. I do however have a cheeky £5 bet on Murray to win Wimbledon, which I placed before the tournament started.. and I was pleased to see him convincingly beat Felciano Lopez today.

Below is a picture of the sexy beast in action at this years Wimbledon.


I began writing this just before heading to the cinema last night at about 8.30pm. It is now then next morning and I have now seen Transformers 3, 3D. I'll just be brutally honest in my next sentence. I felt very let down leaving the cinema as it was indeed quite woeful. I mean don't get me wrong there are worse movies out there, but it just didn't do the trick. Firstly, it was two and a half hours long, and it pretty much had me bored with an hour or so to go. It was quite cheesy at parts.. and Shia Labeouf destroyed the top dog of all transformers. Yeah, really realistic. ALSO there was no MEGAN FOX. Enough said.

I am very excited about this coming Summer, as I will be doing a show in Belvoir Players, Belfast. The book on which the play is based on is being released on the 7th July, so very soon indeed. It is called "Popular" and it's by a guy called Gareth Russell. You should definitely go and get the book when it comes out, and then come and see the show at the start of September. I am extremely pleased to say I got a principle role, so roll on the rehearsals! I have a cast read through tomorrow at 9am so I'll meet the rest of the cast, and I'm looking forward to doing so. 

Hearing the moans and groans of two women downstairs, I'm reminded that (no, very funny you dirty minded git) the first Ladies Semi-Final has started. Having just received news that my dad is at Wimbledon at Centre Court watching it, I am seriously jealous. Damn him. He probably doesn't even care he is there. Ah well, I'll just go watch on television (boohoo) and try and spot him out in the crowd. 

Just wanted to check in, as I hadn't in a while. Hope your all well.

Laters, R.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh yeah

This is just an entry, midst all my exciting activities that I am involved in right now, to say that I am off for..


I shall write a proper entry soon, but at the moment I am still in full disbelief right now, having finished school forever.

Talk soon biatches.

Laters, R.

P.S. Enjoy this video. I think it's rather appropriate!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Procrasti...shut up.

Ok yes, we all do it. Who doesn't at the end of the day? But is there any need for the majority of the population who are sitting exams at the moment to use the word "procrastination" every two seconds? It really fucking annoys me.....but I guess you wouldn't have been able to tell... oh wait.

D'you know what is hard to beat? A filthy, hot, dirty ( What you thinkin' off? ;) ) munch from McDonalds! In fact on some occasions, I'd actually be willing to go as far as to say it is actually unbeatable. (Apart from sex, football, winning large amounts in bets) Let's just say when the "Love the taste, LOVE THE PRICE" leaflet came in the post today, I was as happy as Larry. Offers such as a Big Mac and Medium Fries, 6 Chicken McNuggets and Medium fries and a Double Cheeseburger and Medium Fries can all be bought for £2 with the tokens included....along with a few other shit offers.. like an Egg McMuffin. That left me to ponder on two  things. 1) Who the heck would be at McDonalds "before 10.30am" as that is the only time they are available as it's part of the breakfast menu? and 2) Who in the name of Jesus would want an Egg McMuffin?

Ok; a woman who has received a lot of attention recently in the press, resulting in her pictures being plastered all over the front covers of newspapers, is Imogen Thomas. Some make the argument that Imogen herself (the former "Miss Wales") actually did nothing wrong, and that it is the multi-millionaire Ryan Giggs who is to blame, who is incidentally married. I am not sure where I stand on the matter.. but I probably would say it is Giggsy's fault. Although I have no doubt, that Imogen is partially enjoying all of this attention that she is getting, and has had for weeks now. Despite this though, my sympathies lie with her, as she has had numerous death threats from loyal (maybe a little bit too loyal for everybody's liking) Manchester United fans.. which is completely out of order. Anyway.. I'm sure they will both deal with the matter. Imogen will probably get Nuts covers, naked shoots, and a hell of a lot more publicity, whilst Giggs is now a But seriously, people ask, "How could he live with the shame?" "The whole nation knows he cheated on his wife! Could you live with that?"... my answers are, "Easily", and "Yes you dumb fuck." I'm sorry, but if I was getting £150,000 a week for playing football, and happened to have an affair with Miss OH SO SEXY Thomas it most certainly would cure any tiny bit of humiliation that I had.

ANYWAY, the real point in me bringing up this topic is basically to stress how I can't really blame Ryan Giggs for doing what he did. I mean... look at her... so so hot. And this is a picture she isn't even naked in. But on a serious note (I was completely serious before) she is so god damn beautiful, and any girl that slags her, in my opinion, is just jealous. Lay off the girl for god sake! (and let me lie on her)

Summer is beckoning, but god almighty it is annoying having some individuals gloating at how they have finished exams and are already enjoying the freedom. If I had my way, these individuals would experience some pain.... like having to study for English Literature. Twats.

Imagine a scenario. A scenario in which an individual asks the writer of this really famous, popular, world-wide read blog to mention them in it. A scenario which then... the individual, shortly after asking for this mention, disappears off the face of the earth, without a goodbye or anything! Shocking. Anyway, end the scenario that you had going on. Seriously though out of all people.. and the way things have been progressing, I wouldn't have thought she were capable. Awww dear, anyway. All I shall say, is that she had best make it up to me. That is all to be said on the topic!

Anyway, it is rather late now, and I fear my brain stopped working about 3 hours ago, so I do sincerely apologise if the read has been brain-melting.

Laters, R.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Good Riddance History!

Yes..yes, I have returned. It would seem this whole blog aspect of my life will now stick, as I actually really enjoyed doing the first one, and I look forward to pouring out my heart in this second attempt of a worthwhile read. Okay, sorry to disappoint all of you, but I may not go as far as "pouring out my heart".

Alright, I have a confession to make. Despite personally acknowledging that I would have to push all distractions to one side, and knuckle down for the exam which was yesterday morning at a quarter past nine, I maybe a teeny wee bit....didn't push them aside. I really really didn't. (Only kidding Grandma!)

On Sunday my family that live over in England came over for a week and were staying at my Aunty and Uncle's in Killinchy on their first night, so we were invited to have dinner and stay the night with them. I debated with momma bear whether or not the family should be graced with my presence, as I knew this would be cutting hours out of my "revision". I came to the conclusion that I had best give it a miss, and stay on my own in the house with my face planted in my History file. Two minutes later though mum had gone all out and remarkably convinced me to come with herself and my sister. It could be argued that persuasion had never been seen like this example, and it seemed that only a miracle was going to turn me into going. The mind-blowing words she used, were "Are you sure you want to stay? Will you actually revise?". And that was that. Before I knew it we were headed in the car for the Carsons' household.

Although I did bring a bag with my file and all my history revision notes (I made up the revision notes part, I sound less of a waster) with me, the bag was never opened. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of giving into peer pressure (more like family pressure) and was persuaded to join the "Just Dance 2" battles that were ongoing in the living room with the Nintendo Wii. Well boy do I regret that decision. Not only did I not revise during this period of time, but I was beaten not once, but twice by my little cousin. My cousin's age shall rename unknown to the public, for my pathetic sake. I don't think the few beers that I consumed would have helped matters, but I shan't make excuses up... I am a rather feeble "Just Dance"r, and in my Aunty Mo's "wise words", "Robbie, if you ever want to impress the girls at a party, don't volunteer for Just Dance!". I firstly thought to myself, "Jeez, thanks, sure rub more salt in the wound here!" - as if the whole family watching my woeful attempt to beat JoJo (twice) wasn't bad enough - before thinking "Why in tap-dancing Christ would I be playing this at a party?"

This resulted in me wetting myself on Monday whenever we returned home at lunch time - yea mum wasn't best pleased about that, massive puddle right in the hall - realising I hadn't worked anywhere near enough for my History Paper 2. So, me being me, still didn't even work hard throughout the day. In fact I didn't really get me ass into gear until about 7pm, shortly after eating my delightful stuffed (with fucking sexy cheese) crust pizza topped with Pepperoni for dinner. 

It was then when I remembered how I had spoken to a dear friend of mine a few days ago, when he described a certain "tactic" that he had tried before a Biology exam. This "tactic" was to go to bed at about 9pm, before getting up at 2am for a long period of cramming prior to getting ready to go to school and sitting the exam in the morning. I then thought to myself, "The time has come." I then went and made a cup of tea, before phoning my fellow mad man to verify that the system had worked, and that he was actually able to sit the exam without falling asleep. It was all systems go at his end of things, so I hung up and set the alarm for "02:00". It was all or nothing now.

I was awakened by the painful echoing of my alarm, so I stumbled out of bed but this was even too much for a maniac like myself, and I didn't even have much choice in hitting "SNOOZE", my body wasn't letting anything else happen. I gladly jumped back into my pit, before being woken up again...which literally felt like two seconds after I had hit snooze. So much for a "snooze", bloody creators of that shitty button. I did make it out of my room this time around, and I quickly (there was no time to be lost) grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom to shower.


Sitting reading over / making notes at 03.30am was something I had never done before.. and something I actually don't intend to do again. I was actually surprised at how awake I felt during the whole period, and at how quickly the time passed. Turns out there actually wasn't enough time to get through it all, so I gambled and left "insignificant" sections out. 08.00am soon came around and I had to quickly change into my uniform, brush my teeth, do my hair and be ready to leave as my lift was due any minute.

My friend and I entered school and walked to the "Careers Library" which pretty much should have been called the "Freak Out Zone Before History Paper Two". The constant negative murmurs didn't help my nerves, and so I opted to sit with one of my good pals and discuss how it had actually crossed my mind to rehearse fainting. This way, if I opened up the paper and shat bricks, I could put on a pretty awesome performance which would be worthy of an Oscar, fooling the examiners into thinking I had "fainted", which could mean I wouldn't possibly do the examination. See, shouldn't I have done that?

Yes is the answer. The paper was a bitch, but I gave it my all. We will see what the outcome is.

I have realised something recently. I absolutely adore music. I have always had a real passion for it, but holy hell - I actually don't think I could live without it! I know that is such a cliché statement, but I really mean it. I listen to hours and hours of music every single day. I listen to it doing everything - from walking my dogs, to showering, from browsing the computer like a loner, to chillin' in my room. I just flipping love music, and just as I was going to begin writing this entry, somebody linked me to a wonderful piece of music, in which I felt privileged to listen to. I will try placing this video below, so give it a listen. Adele - I applaud. :)

I have now done two exams, and have two remaining. English Shiterature is in 2 weeks tomorrow, so I have a bit of relaxation time after the agonies of History, but it feels good saying that I shall never have to look at History again in my life, but in fact I will make History in future years - watch this space! Haha.

Numerous people in my school year have had birthdays in recent days, and are therefore going out in celebration tomorrow night, as we are currently in a period in which a lot of people like myself have a tiny break from exams, luckily for us. In fact, it is actually quite like a mini-summer. (Only kidding Grandma!) I will be getting picked up by a friend, before going to Louis' house for a BBQ with other amigos, whilst we appropriately knock back a drink or seven, before jumping on a bus to Belfast. I think the plan is to go to a bar for a few pints, before going to Box Nightclub. Box is hard to beat on a good night, and as a lot of people I am friendly with will be in attendance tomorrow, it is surely bound to be one to remember. Touch wood.

To avoid sleeping into embarrassing times of the day again tomorrow, I think I shall head to my pit now. Being a sloth is bad Robbie, bad, bad, bad.

Laters, R.

P.S. I am eating a chocolate and hazelnut Cornetto at the moment, it is outstanding.

(I'm publishing this at 1.06pm the next day, silly computer went and crashed on me last night. Don't worry, I'm not a freak going off to bed at lunch time.)

P.P.S. I made a facebook page this time yesterday, and just as I'm writing this it has 4,141 likes, sorry, 4,163 - I refreshed. Not bad for 24 hours eh? Surely I'm a god? But yet, some individual had the cheek to say I was sad getting excited about this... AHH just refreshed again. 4,180 likes now. Ok, maybe they have a point.