Friday, 10 June 2011

Procrasti...shut up.

Ok yes, we all do it. Who doesn't at the end of the day? But is there any need for the majority of the population who are sitting exams at the moment to use the word "procrastination" every two seconds? It really fucking annoys me.....but I guess you wouldn't have been able to tell... oh wait.

D'you know what is hard to beat? A filthy, hot, dirty ( What you thinkin' off? ;) ) munch from McDonalds! In fact on some occasions, I'd actually be willing to go as far as to say it is actually unbeatable. (Apart from sex, football, winning large amounts in bets) Let's just say when the "Love the taste, LOVE THE PRICE" leaflet came in the post today, I was as happy as Larry. Offers such as a Big Mac and Medium Fries, 6 Chicken McNuggets and Medium fries and a Double Cheeseburger and Medium Fries can all be bought for £2 with the tokens included....along with a few other shit offers.. like an Egg McMuffin. That left me to ponder on two  things. 1) Who the heck would be at McDonalds "before 10.30am" as that is the only time they are available as it's part of the breakfast menu? and 2) Who in the name of Jesus would want an Egg McMuffin?

Ok; a woman who has received a lot of attention recently in the press, resulting in her pictures being plastered all over the front covers of newspapers, is Imogen Thomas. Some make the argument that Imogen herself (the former "Miss Wales") actually did nothing wrong, and that it is the multi-millionaire Ryan Giggs who is to blame, who is incidentally married. I am not sure where I stand on the matter.. but I probably would say it is Giggsy's fault. Although I have no doubt, that Imogen is partially enjoying all of this attention that she is getting, and has had for weeks now. Despite this though, my sympathies lie with her, as she has had numerous death threats from loyal (maybe a little bit too loyal for everybody's liking) Manchester United fans.. which is completely out of order. Anyway.. I'm sure they will both deal with the matter. Imogen will probably get Nuts covers, naked shoots, and a hell of a lot more publicity, whilst Giggs is now a But seriously, people ask, "How could he live with the shame?" "The whole nation knows he cheated on his wife! Could you live with that?"... my answers are, "Easily", and "Yes you dumb fuck." I'm sorry, but if I was getting £150,000 a week for playing football, and happened to have an affair with Miss OH SO SEXY Thomas it most certainly would cure any tiny bit of humiliation that I had.

ANYWAY, the real point in me bringing up this topic is basically to stress how I can't really blame Ryan Giggs for doing what he did. I mean... look at her... so so hot. And this is a picture she isn't even naked in. But on a serious note (I was completely serious before) she is so god damn beautiful, and any girl that slags her, in my opinion, is just jealous. Lay off the girl for god sake! (and let me lie on her)

Summer is beckoning, but god almighty it is annoying having some individuals gloating at how they have finished exams and are already enjoying the freedom. If I had my way, these individuals would experience some pain.... like having to study for English Literature. Twats.

Imagine a scenario. A scenario in which an individual asks the writer of this really famous, popular, world-wide read blog to mention them in it. A scenario which then... the individual, shortly after asking for this mention, disappears off the face of the earth, without a goodbye or anything! Shocking. Anyway, end the scenario that you had going on. Seriously though out of all people.. and the way things have been progressing, I wouldn't have thought she were capable. Awww dear, anyway. All I shall say, is that she had best make it up to me. That is all to be said on the topic!

Anyway, it is rather late now, and I fear my brain stopped working about 3 hours ago, so I do sincerely apologise if the read has been brain-melting.

Laters, R.

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