Saturday, 23 July 2011

One week too little

I've been at home for a few hours now and I have pretty much done nothing but think, for numerous reasons.

Time goes by so quickly. I really don't think this can be stressed or exaggerated enough by anybody, and if it is to be true that time seems to go quicker the older you get, I don't have long left! But in all seriousness, a week goes by so quickly. I was away in London for a week with my sister visiting dad, and it truly felt as if I were away for 2 or 3 days. Scary.

Talk about being completely stressed, well holy shit. This time last week mum took myself and my sister to the airport. Whenever dad and my sister and I have agreed a date for coming and going to and from London, he usually rings me and I book the tickets online. Well, this time round, I happened to be out with friends and so mum took it upon herself to do my job. She booked them fine; departing on the 15th July and returning on the 22nd of July, everything was fine and that was that. En route and close to the Belfast City Airport, I hear mum say something but I don't make it out, as I have my earphones in listening to some music which I prefer, rather than bloody BBC Radio 2. Exactly. Anyway, I take one out and ask her what she just said. Mum replies, "It is definitely the City Airport, right?" I then sigh and say, "Why do you even do that to yourself? You booked the tickets this time, not me." before putting the earphone I took out, back in.


Leaving the car and walking towards the entrance of the City Airport, whilst jointly trying not to look like an imbecile and a weakling carrying my hand luggage stuffed to the absolute capacity as a result of our decision to not bother with luggage, I smile to myself thinking about seeing dad for the first time in nearly a year. The three of us go into the building as the automatic doors make way for us, and turn left heading for the check in desks. I scan from left to right to try and identify where it is we are going to have to queue. Alarmingly, I can not see the green of "AerLingus" anywhere. I turn to look at mum and I worry that this is almost as if she is a step ahead of me as she has already grabbed her iPhone out worrying. This is confirmed whenever she murmurs "Aww Guys." There is then a silence before she turns and begins to do that awkward looking movement in which her brain and body can't decide whether to walk or jog, which is then followed up by "Quickly, come on!". Anisa turns and follows, while I stand in mere disbelief that this is happening for a few seconds, before saying something (it's best I don't quote) and then jogging back out where we have only just entered.

A few angry words were then dished out whilst the three of us were wogging (Yes, I did just call the awkward walk and jog mixture "wogging") until we had driven out of the short stay car park, mostly on my part. There was little reply from mother as I think she realised she had ballsed up on this one occasion. We then headed for the International Airport, to try and somehow not miss our flight. Mum probably did an average speed of about 86 mph and I was sweating like a priest in a playground, and yes, despite wearing antiperspirant.

We get to the International Airport, find a space to park and storm through the entrance. Typically, the Aer flipping Lingus desk was at the very bottom of all the check in desks. I didn't want to run and look like a prick, but I was forced into it given the situation. We got to the desks and the queues were massive, we used one of the "self-check in" desks as we didn't have luggage and we had the reference number, but when I typed in the reference, the screen read, "check in closing for this flight, report to desk 51 immediately." Well that made me shit bricks. Mum let out this weird scream already in a flustered state, and I just wanted to curl up and die. The woman at the desk initially said that check in was closed, but due to our fortunate decision to not bring any luggage with us on our trip, we were able to plea our case and whipped out the X-Factor like sob story of how we were going to see our father, we hadn't seen him in ages bla bla bla. The women, who happened to be a solid 6/10 for any keen readers, picked up the phone and rang to check, before giving us the nod to let us know we were good to go, just. I actually don't think I hugged mum goodbye, as I sprinted towards the gate's direction and to the security alongside my sister. Yes, for the record, everybody stares at you when you sprint through an Airport. It is shit craic.

Usually I don't have any hiccups going through the security. Y'know when you have to put your bag through the scanner along with other items such as your hoodie, belt, money, phone etc? Well, Jesus wept. Of course it would be on this one occasion when it would be great if we could get through as quickly as possible where they decide my phone has a bomb in it. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but I really did feel like saying," Hahahaha aye, didn't I tell you?! I'm Osama Bin Laden!" Even though he's dead they would have still probably not let me through. Twats. Anyway, the two of us just about made it to our gate. We then proceeded to sit and let every single person board the plane before us as I put forward the fact that, "we nearly missed the plane, we may as well be last on".

Too much drama, even for me. It was all worth it though, I had a fantastic week with dad over in London. It's just a shame as I'm sure you were able to tell earlier, that it was so brief. Hopefully it won't be too long until we get over again to see him, maybe the end of October if all goes well. It is always quite difficult leaving dad. It was even more so today, after a shorter period of time than the norm, as both my sister and I know that he'll go home to his house, alone, and will probably be quite emotional whilst feeling the loneliness more so than usual. I love my dad, and really do hope he is ok in times like these.

I have an interesting fact. I saw an extremely good looking girl today. The most astonishing thing about this statement is the fact she was German. It was in the shopping/cafe section after the security but before your gate, where basically you waste time if you have time to waste before you board your flight! Well actually, I saw her when she was arriving with the party of people she was with, before seeing her at the cafe afterwards. Some of them were wearing yellow t-shirts with "Eastbourne 2009, 2010, 2011" on the front,(observantLAD) so they were on a trip together of some sorts. When I first saw her whilst dad was having a cigarette, I caught her eye. Actually I caught her eye like four times. Not that I counted or anything. I didn't really take any notice though, other than how attractive she was, but later on when I was sitting on a stool, sipping on my hot chocolate whilst my sister was doing a spot of shopping, she walked past right in front of me with her friend, and turned her head round and looked me completely in the eye. And that ladies and gentleladies was the moment I thought, "I'm surely in there?". (pickinguponthesignalsLAD) Sadly though I didn't do something about it. I watched her order something and then next thing I know she has wandered off somewhere. I did however see some of these fellow Germans with the yellow t-shirts (itpaystobeobservantLAD) and contemplated giving them my number to give to her, but feared out for numerous reasons. The main reason being I don't possess testicles. I regret not talking to her now big time, but then again what would have come of it? BUT THEN AGAIN, she was so fit. A solid 8/10, without a doubt. The shorts she was wearing were sexy as. ARGH. (wisheshewasmoreconfidentandcouldgobackintimeLAD)

So...if your reading this.....get in touch. Now. Like this instant, without further a do. (wecanalldreamLAD)

In attempt to move on from my misery, so far so good in terms of the iPhone 4. I am really impressed with it, and basically feel like king fucking ding holding it. I like how it only took about 10 minutes to sync all my music on to it when I came home, and the apps are class. My only point in which I am not fully brown-nosing Apple is that the battery life seems pretty shit. It seems to run out rather quickly, but as that's the only negative point, I am very happy and grateful I now own one. A 32 GB one too, not to rub it in or anything.

Oh yeah, just remembered. It's the German Grand Prix this weekend in Formula One. DAMN IT.

Laters, R.

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