Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Student Life

OK so I'll be honest, I knew when making the trip over to University in England that student life would be a lot different compared to living at home. I guess it was specifically how it was going to be different that I was unsure of, and I am a hell of a lot more independent than I was, in numerous ways. Over here, I am independent as I have to physically go out and purchase my food and drink (i.e. alcohol). Over here, I actually have to budget myself so I have enough money for each term...to avoid death and actually survive.

Being able to budget successfully is something I am yet to even slightly get to grasp with. I may never get the hang of it, who knows? Boy though do I know the pain that you suffer if you don't manage your money properly. Living off beans and rice is something I would call the norm currently, and I concede I miss the feeling of having the option to vary my diet. I miss a healthy plate of pasta with chicken and bacon, or a lovely risotto. I even slightly miss mum forcing some rather obscure stew down my throat... although don't tell her that!

I think one of the biggest underestimations I made was how unfussy a student has to become when going shopping. For somebody who adores the original Coca-Cola and not some lame excuse of the cola flavoured amazingness in "Co-op cola flavoured soft drink", this is a devastating experience. Back home I'm jokingly known to be the "young prince" amongst the family. Now obviously, one starts to wonder how much of the statement actually is a "joke" when it's repeated every two seconds (slight exaggeration there, maybe every 2 and a half seconds), but hey... I only settle for the best of the best. Well actually apparently not... seeing how as I type this, I sip away from my glass of Co-ops pathetic substitute for Coca-Cola. Fuck my life.

In all honesty though, the items you have to surrender and just not purchase is a low blow every time I enter any supermarket, no matter how nice they may be. I've learned to discover that the price really is a lot, and snacks like "Honest Roasted Peanuts" priced at £3.97 per peanut can not be bought. Boo.

Student life really has changed the way I think about money though, completely. If somebody were to ask me, "Here pal, can I borrow a couple of quid?", I would seriously stare them down until they backed away and took back what they said, apologising during the process. Ok, maybe that's not the best example, but you catch my drift. For instance, I am currently not out with the rest of the lads tonight, who are currently pre-drinking in another flat in the halls of accommodation, before they taxi it to the club "Steam". Yeah, I know, appropriately named or what?!

In fact, what actually sums this whole entry up, is that today I got my friend to cut my hair. Now, despite this being a serious nail-biting experience (used for dramatic purposes, I hate biting nails), it actually turned out pretty well saving me some valuable pennies along the way too! So wahey, it is kind of dodgy looking though... a bit..

It's all good though, as I get paid on Wednesday. Thank the lord, as I have literally been living off pennies. All I'm going to say is, Wednesday night... I'm sorry liver, I really am, for what may or may not occur. Ok, IS going to occur, and no I'm NOT sorry, I have been sober far too many nights recently. Fuck you.

Laters, R.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Guess who's back?

I have decided that my efforts to keep up my blog were nothing short of diabolical.

For those of you who don't know, I am now at university. This isn't an excuse as to why I haven't been writing more entries, but it is a reason. Busy little bee I am.

I shall return very soon with better blogs than ever.

Adieu, R.